Janine has been fascinated by colors,texture, and style since her very first art class at the tender age of 6. Some of her fondest memories include dressing up in her mother's clothes and putting on layers of red lipstick. 

In an industry in which perfection is a requirement, Janine aims to create flawless faces before the very first image is even captured. Having worked as a professional model has only furthered Janine's fine attention to detail for photoshoots and film.

With over 8 years of technical makeup artistry experience from MAC, Sephora HQ, and Urban Decay in addition to extensive esthetics training backed by the prestigious Cinta Aveda Institute; Janine has become one of the most in demand makeup artists in the Bay Area.

From setting up in bars to decadent boudoir sets, Janine is a seasoned artist who enjoys working with fabulous women from all walks of life.

Her passion, innovation, creativity, and professionalism are what truly set her apart from others within the industry. 

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